Etienne Pradier

From Los Angeles to London people’s jaws have literally dropped after witnessing the incredible close up magic of Etienne Pradier. But there’s more to this guy than meets the eye.

French born, Etienne has achieved International recognition as one of the World’s finest close up magicians ranking as one of the select members of the ‘Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star’.

Uniquely skilled, creative, charismatic and immensely entertaining, Etienne Pradier is now one of the UK’s premier magicians - a total professional. And with countless primetime Television appearance on shows to his name, you can be sure that Etienne is going to thoroughly entertain and amaze your guests.

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    • Cammegh
      "Prepare for your jaws to drop and the cries of astonishment. In 25 years in this business i have seen nothing close to this man, he really is World Class."
    • Credit Suisse
      "It was wonderful to see Etienne again, he was the talk of the town amongst all of the clients. We were left baffled as always."
    • Freshfields
      "Everyone was blown away by Etienne's magic. I have had nothing but outstanding feedback form all our guests."