Lee Warren

When you book a performer for an event, you have to be sure that you receive a performance. Many magicians will mingle with crowds, but Lee’s performances are different. Flamboyant in style and astounding in impact, he weaves a spell of enchantment throughout a party.

Lee is booked again and again at the same venues because when he works at an event, you really know that he’s there! Instead of polite clapping, you have tables of people cheering for more. During reception drinks, you can hear the laughter and see the wide-open stares of amazement that mark where Lee has performed.

Lee takes huge pride in ensuring that every guest really enjoys your event and remembers it!.

  • Showreel


    • HRH Prince William
      "Amazing........ Everybody loved it!"
    • Watermans Hall
      "Lee was a pleasure to work with, the clients had a wonderful night, thanks largely to him"
    • The Russell Hotel
      "Wow! Lee was excellent. He kept all our guests thoroughly entertained all night. His Magic is brilliant! How does he do it?""